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    Merge PDF Files

    A PDF file is a type of digital document. In most cases, a PDF contains text, but it can also contain active links and even images. Sometimes, a person creates a PDF on a computer, but PDFs can also be scans of physical items, such as paper documents, ID cards, and more.

    You might think a PDF is the same thing as a DOC. However, they are very different. With DOC files, you usually create them in a word processor either online with something like Google Docs or in a standalone program such as Microsoft Word. If you save that file as a DOC and give it to someone else, the DOC will probably look a lot different for the second person. That’s because DOCs connect with installed fonts and other specific attributes of an operating system, so there’s no telling what they’ll look like on other systems. PDFs don’t have this problem: they look the same on all systems!

    Can you join PDFs together?

    Joining PDFs is totally possible. However, you usually need a piece of PDF editing software to do it, such as Adobe Acrobat. These programs can be quite expensive.

    Thankfully, you don’t need to buy fancy software for PDF joining. Our tool can handle it all for you for free, and you don’t even need to install anything.

    Our free PDF joiner: How to use it

    Our free tool can join up to 20 PDFs together in one go. It is very easy to use.

    First, drag and drop your PDF files onto the area that says “Drop Your Files Here”. If you are using a mobile device, you can just hit the “UPLOAD FILES” button and then navigate to your PDFs.

    Now that you’re files are uploaded, you’ll need to make sure they are in the right order. In the queue, you’ll be able to see all your files laid out in a grid. Move the files around until they are ordered correctly. The first PDF on the list will be the first PDF in the joined file. The second PDF will go underneath the first, and so on.

    Once everything looks OK, hit the “JOIN FILES” button. Our system will join all the PDFs together into one new PDF. The download of the new PDF will start automatically. If you have more than 20 PDFs to join, don’t worry. You can join them all with a few extra steps. After you download your joined PDF, you can upload that to the queue. Then add your additional PDFs and join them again. You can do this as many times as you wish.

    Be careful to note that if you upload some files, you’ll want to join them together and download the new file within one hour. If you don’t, our system will discard the uploads and you’ll need to start over again.

    Is PDFJoiner.com safe?

    Our tool is perfectly safe to use. You don’t need to worry about losing your original PDFs when you combine them. Our tool copies the files from your system and then joins together those copies. Your originals are safe on your computer.

    Likewise, our system is secure. After 60 minutes, our tool purges all conversions and uploads. This ensures your sensitive information is not compromised.